Data Center facilities located at:
6000 Technology Blvd., Sandston, VA. 23150

CTE Center for Research at QTS Data Center.

Commercial and SCIF center for research, development and test established.

  • Established Continuous Transformation Environment Center for Research for Industry, Academia, and Federal customers.

  • Global research to identify and assess advanced technologies appropriate industrial and federal applications.

  • Authored Continuous Transformation Environment (CTE) as an established process.

  • Analysis & Commentary of technology to directly support Government Missions.
  • Collaboration, Design & Advisory services.
  • Station Operations & Technology hardware and software sustained services and management.
  • Research on Cloud implementation and Industrial "Ground Truth" review for Federal, IC, DoD and Military alignment with global compute enterprise.
  • Architectural design review/consideration across the industry for optimal solutions with operationally relevant architectures considerations to include Advanced Analytic Solutions.
  • Red & Gold Team proposal support.
  • Provide Disruptive technological advice on sustained systems to optimize innovation.
  • I2 Sentinel provides Implementation, Standards and Technical advice on Modular IT Infrastructure development and implementation, including Containerized Data Center considerations.
  • Consultation on Metrics and automation for migration to future technologies and capabilities requirements.
  • Optimize Space-Ground communications sensors.
  • Optimize efficiencies in Strategic Intelligence planning for Operations & Technology.

Our Services

Information Integrity - Collaboration - Design - Advisory