Information Integrity and Innovation THROUGH Connectivity

Thomas W. Preston

Founder / President / CEO


A Company for the Future

I2 Sentinel Associates, Inc. is established as a Veteran Owned Small Business to partner with and provide essential collaborative, design and advisory services to private and federal industry. The company addresses significant data and 'Information Integrity' challenges affecting choices in future technologies and operations. Establishing advanced transformational business processes and a review of sustained environments to measure and predict future needs is an essential part of I2 Sentinel's successful formula. Establishing collaborative academia and industry consortiums addresses the unique requirements and compliance issues before the IC, DoD, and Military communities. Leveraging current private and federal industrial success to enhance information share, avoiding unnecessary costs. Improve efficiencies in energy and effective acquisition. Explore future technologies applicable to strategic intelligence and cyber security.

i2 sentinel associates

Founded in Silicon Valley, with offices in CA and VA, i2 Sentinel Associates, Inc. brings over 38 years of operations and technology experience with commercial industry, academia, and Government communities.
Information Integrity - Collaboration - Design - Advisory

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