Global Trends

Answering the boardroom call for increased efficiencies and accountability…

The march to ‘as a service’ platforms is accelerating as global enterprise must meet pressures to reduce capex spend while optimizing IT capabilities within tight opex budgets.

How do we realize the promise of open standards based distributed computing?

Hyper-Converged platforms present a new opportunity to drastically reduce complexity in data center designs. 

Popular vendors are not solving the challenges of vendor lock-in on proprietary hardware designs.

Smart, so called ‘niche’, vendors are stepping in to offer real solutions to meet this growing need…

Innovative Design

  • DeepInsight™ is a revolutionary software framework that integrates over 200 open source packages into a hyper-converged architecture enabling advanced software-defined data center functionality on commodity hardware.
  • A modular open standards framework that enables flexibility in deployment and extendable functionality through 3rd party tools integration.
  • Integrated single-pane of glass monitoring and management environment enabling efficient identification, troubleshooting and problem resolution.
  • A turn-key big data analytics suite incorporating an end to end role based security model, full-text search and categorization, integrated r-studio, d3 visualizations, and a web-based analytics desktop.
  • A software-defined storage layer that is granular in nature; node, rack, data center and region aware; offering multi-petabyte scalability in a geographically resilient unified data space.
  • A security framework that includes integrated multi-tenant role-based access controls providing secure data ingest, storage through all layers of the integrated analytics platform.

Revolutionary 3rd Party Platform Technologies are maturing…

Proprietary technologies are no longer the only, or the best, option to build scalable platforms as open standards technologies are being integrated into enterprise class solutions by smart solutions vendors.

Demand for cloud services is growing at a stratospheric rate, but with complex risk, privacy and data sovereignty concerns, global industry is looking for a secure and compliant cloud architecture. 

The DeepInsight™ platform with its built-in governance, risk management and compliance framework provides a secure and compliant environment for traditional data center, IoT and big data workloads.


The DeepInsight™ Hyper Converged Mesh Platform (HCMP) is a hardware agnostic open standards/open source cloud platform that integrates OpenStack with the MapR enterprise distributed file system.  That enables:

  • high-performance scalable full service software-defined data center deployments in hyper-converged configurations.
  • lights out operations enabling service and support teams to focus on managing overall capacity not components. Requiring only smart hands for hardware replacement, rack and stack activities.
  • geographically resilient unified data space with native snapshots, secure, high performance file replication.
  • a fully integrated big data analytics platform with elastic ingest, integrated r-studio, d3 visualizations, analyst desktop and external connectivity through JSON/Restful interface.

The marketplace is coalescing around Software-Defined Data Center platforms, with DeepInsight™ positioned to be a dominant player.

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