541512 - Computer Systems Design Services
541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541990 - Other Professional and Technical Services
541330 - Computer – Engineering related Services

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Our computer science and technological capabilities exhibit an extraordinary range.

​Extend and implement HPC capabilities to Global Telecommunications companies providing our secure Hyper Converged Mesh Platform (HCMP) DeepInsight™ product.

Key leadership in technological and operational implementation of Big Data & Cloud Computing Cyber Security Analysis Software optimization.

Optimize efficiencies in strategic intelligence planning for operational relevancy and technology solutions implementation.​​

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​​​Senior Leadership

Thomas Preston 

President & Chief Executive Officer

Our SDDC/HCMP products DeepInsight™ are distributed globally through the Telecommunications industry and federal sector.

(Over 40 years experience and customer intimacy)


Expertise in Celestial – Ground data-centric and hybrid virtualized network considerations.

Hardware Engineering, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering.

Proven Implementation Strategy Patterns

  • Advanced Model and Simulation

  • System HW and Software IntegrationComputer and Network Systems Architectural development (Enterprise and Regionally Specified Distributed Systems).

Our Employees

All associates are distinguished in their field with the majority maintaining TS / SCI clearances.
Skill sets include:

Computer Scientists
Data Scientists 
Network System Engineers
System Engineering Professionals
Security Engineer
Systems Architect
Systems Intergrator

7373-Computer Integrated Design
7379-Computer Related Services
8711-Engineering Service

Increase customer experience in Secured Big Data Analytics, Integrated Intelligence and Distributed Control Information Systems, as well as associated and relevant capabilities that align to a federated approach to distributed compute architectures. We optimize our customers ability to establish a data migration path for developing secure Regionally Defined Distributed Systems.

 Our goal is to provide the best product, significant risk reduction and secure optimal and essential HW & SW architectural design solutions in the virtual, HPC and distributed compute environments.

i2 Sentinel Associates, Inc. (i2SA) was founded in 2011 as a Veteran Owned Small Business determined to set a new standard for technology performance and efficiency in the area of Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics Platform development. Born out of the US Intelligence community, our platforms deliver the highest level of security in all of our enterprise architectures. Our firm continues to build our clients' organizations - including the federal, and private sector - by developing and implementing innovative and results-driven solutions to include i2SA’s unique and robust Hyper Converged Managed Platform (HCMP).

i2 Sentinel Associates, Inc. brings over 38 years experience working with leaders in industry, government and academia across the communities to provide innovative relevant technology solutions for strategic and tactical intelligence information challenges. We establish comprehensive strategies in product and architectural development to include Cyber resiliency, preparedness, infrastructure optimization and IT continuity for planning for agile acquisition.

We ensure sound technological and systems methodologies are employed for evolutionary and revolutionary considerations in our customers operationally relevant environments. Provide a generational review of technologies and architectural development including virtual systems, cloud considerations, security and interoperability. i2SA pioneered collaborative solutions in Hybrid Modular IT Infrastructure and containerized data center requirements.

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