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​Big Data Analytics 

The DeepInsight™ platform with its built-in governance, risk management and compliance framework provides a secure and compliant environment for traditional data center, IoT and big data workloads. A globally meshed cloud platform that provides next generation distributed computing capability for today’s agile enterprise and tomorrows peta-scale workloads.

Our Solutions are Deployed Worldwide

Realizing the promise of secured open standards based distributed computing…​

Answering the boardroom call for increased efficiencies and accountability…

​Demand for cloud services is growing at a stratospheric rate, but with complex risk, privacy and data sovereignty concerns, global industry is looking for a secure and compliant cloud architecture.  

Evolutionary and Revolutionary Platform Technology solutions are maturing…

A Cyber Security Company

We are established as an OEM and services company to partner with Industry to provide innovative and essential hardware and software architectural design products and solutions in the virtual, High Performance Compute (HPC) and distributed compute environments. Our software-based, DeepInsight™, Hyper Converged Mesh Platform (HCMP) based solutions are deployed worldwide in both the national and tactical arenas.

Committed to meeting the challenges for today and the future

​I2 Sentinel Associates, Inc. (I2SA) is a Veteran Owned Small Business that provides superior innovative products, collaboration, design and advisory services to the private and federal sectors. I2SA provides significant design and advisory services to commercial industry and the public sector to enhance security and expand scalability in our implementation of Data Center as a Service (DCaaS). 

Pioneering in the field of HPC, BigData and Cloud Computing,. i2SA  is only one of a handful of companies in the world that have built applications harnessing the computing power of hundreds of thousands of processing elements, and regularly works with peta-scale data sets. Our renowned Scientists are continually looking at new challenges in design, implementation and innovation.

Our expertise in the field of distributed computing, specializing in HPC, large-scale data analysis and experiment design is born of real world execution and implementation. 

Information, Intergrity

and Innovation 

Information Integrity - Collaboration - Design - Advisory